Edmund Fairfax is an independent scholar, with an interest in early Germanic languages. This website is intended to serve mainly as a platform for blogposts on the Old English and Gothic languages.

He has produced a satiric literary novel entitled Outlaws as well as translations of a couple of children’s books into the Gothic language (Agjabairhts wairþiþ rauþs, Im leitila?). (For more info, click on the red highlighting.)

Some of his musical compositions in a pseudo-Medieval style set to texts in the Gothic language (Baris standiþ, Haþuwalda, Drinkam) have been recorded by the Toronto-based singer Donna Greenberg. (For more info, click on the red highlighting.)

Edmund Fairfax is mainly an independent dance scholar specializing in eighteenth-century ballet. His study The Styles of Eighteenth-Century Ballet was published in 2003 (Scarecrow Press). He is currently working on an in-depth study of eighteenth-century ballet technique (to appear under the title The Technique of Eighteenth-Century Ballet), and concurrently a study of Maximilien Gardel’s pantomime ballet Ninette à la cour (1777). (For more info, click on the red highlighting.)