Outlaws has been released (Bokos, ISBN 978-0-9952965-0-3, 6″ x 9″ ppbk., 282 pp., & ISBN 978-0-9952965-1-0 Kindle). This satiric literary novel is a fast-paced coming-of-age tale in a picaresque vein, set for the most part in the England of 1645, during the height of the English Civil War. The discovery of a sex crime—and a case of sexual “deviance”—brings two green youths into a collision course with the law, culminating in outlawry. Their attempt to extricate themselves backfires, setting in motion a series of comic yet dark adventures through a topsy-turvy world of legal corruption, organized crime, religious fanaticism, and war. See them shed their innocence—painfully. (Click here to buy.)

The Toronto-based singer Donna Greenberg has recorded a two-part a cappella version of my Gothic-language song “Baris Standiþ” (‘The Barley Stands’). A choir-effect was created by superimposing multiple tracks of her singing both parts. This is the first of a number of musical pieces that will make up the projected CD album Music from The Dwarf’s Head, realizations of the music that will appear in my literary novel The Dwarf’s Head. You can listen to it here, by clicking the white arrowhead below (3:28 min.):