Edmund Fairfax is an independent dance scholar specializing in eighteenth-century ballet. His study The Styles of Eighteenth-Century Ballet was published in 2003 (Scarecrow Press). He is currently working on an in-depth study of eighteenth-century ballet technique (to appear under the title The Technique of Eighteenth-Century Ballet), and concurrently a study of Maximilien Gardel’s pantomime ballet Ninette à la cour (1777). (For more info, click on the red highlighting.)

He has also produced a satiric literary novel entitled Outlaws as well as translations of a couple of children’s books into the Gothic language (Agjabairhts wairþiþ rauþs, Im leitila?), reflecting an interest in early Germanic linguistics. See also the blog on this site. (For more info, click on the red highlighting.)

Some of his musical compositions in a pseudo-Medieval style set to texts in the Gothic language (Baris standiþ, Haþuwalda, Drinkam) have been recorded by the Toronto-based singer Donna Greenberg. (For more info, click on the red highlighting.)