Siegfried Dances (“blog” in the menu above) is my blog-space wherein I write mainly about things early Germanic (esp. Old English).

The rest of this site introduces my literary writing and musical compositions (“works” in the menu), academic writing (“scholarship”), translations, language invention (“wordhoard”), and, of course, info about me (“about”).


hobbit-croppedThe Toronto-based singer Donna Greenberg (donnagreenberg.com) will be recording a two-part a capella version of my (Gothic) song “Baris Standiþ” this summer (2017). A choir-effect will be created by superimposing multiple tracks of her singing both parts. The recording will be released as a single downloadable track. Some idea of the music can be gained from the following MP3 file (105 seconds), which is an unedited wordless playback of the song from a music notation program (the sound quality is likely to be better when headphones are used):


Tentative Cover Design

My literary novel entitled Outlaws is scheduled to be released this coming summer (2017), both as a print book and e-book. The work is currently at the edit and design stage. For details about the novel, see the “works” tab in the menu.