This is a work in progress, a chamber-opera based on the Grimms’ folktale, set in the late eighteenth century; libretto in rhyming couplets of mainly iambic tetrameter; tonal melodic music for four singers (soprano, tenor, two baritones) and string band (violin I/II, viola, cello, double bass).

Musical Excerpts

Here are mock-ups of two short snippets (the sound quality will most likely be better when headphones are used):

From the end of the first act, a bit of pantomime music, “The March to the Dungeon” (1:37 min.):


From the third act, a bit of comic pantomime music again, “The Father’s Grande Révérence” (47 seconds):


Textual Excerpt

Here’s a snippet from the second act. Sophie (S), who is hopelessly set to spin straw to gold in the king’s dungeon, is come upon unexpectedly by Rumpelstiltskin (R):